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Frequently Asked Questions About Pastoral Counseling 

When should I seek help from a pastoral counselor?   A pastoral counselor is trained in both psychology and theology and thus can address psychological and spiritual issues.  You should consider meeting with a pastoral counselor if you are experiencing emotional difficulties and wish to address these matters in the context of religion and spirituality with a professional who can address issues with psychological training and spiritual training.  This is typically called an integrative approach and is of great benefit to the individual. It is equivalent to obtaining dual counseling at a very reasonable rate.

Do pastoral counselors work only with individuals or do they also work with families?

Pastoral counselors are trained mental health professionals and, as such work with individuals, children, adolescents, families, and groups. The nature of the therapy is agreed upon by the client and the pastoral counselor.

Are fees of pastoral counselors comparable to those charged by other health care professionals? 

In general, the fees of pastoral counselors are lower than those of other health care professionals. This is due to the orientation of pastoral counseling centers and the willingness of pastoral counselors to assist the general public at achieving their spiritual and mental health goals.  It is the prevailing ethic of pastoral counselors that every effort is made to treat everyone, regardless of ability to pay. We provide a sliding scale fee system to ensure that clients be able to obtain counseling.  We also offer reduced fee services on a limited basis.  We accept cash, checks, and major credit cards for payment.  There is a cancellation fee for each visit that is not canceled 24 hours in advance.

Are pastoral counselors viewed as providers and covered by health plans?

Counseling by a certified pastoral counselor is generally covered by health care plans if the pastoral counselor is licensed by the state.  The answer also depends upon health care plans and the state in which you file your claim.  Call your health plan administrator to learn if your pastoral counselor is covered by the plan and the amount and time period covered.  Our office does not accept insurance, However many individuals choose to use their Health Savings accounts to cover Christian Counseling costs.

How do pastoral counselors differ from other mental health professionals?

Pastoral counselors are trained in two disciplines, psychology and theology.  This is of great benefit to you. pastoral counselors have more education at times as well.  For example, pastoral counselors have affiliation and training through the AAPC, NCCA  or other Accrediting bodies, and usually have a Masters level education in Theology or Divinity, plus an additional degree, education or equivalent in academic work.  In comparison, licensed clinical social workers have completed two year Masters of Social Work degree beyond undergraduate coursework.  In our office, Dr. Davis has exceeded the educational requirements in that she holds a Ph.D. in Christian Counseling with an emphasis on Psychology and Education. This education and expertise far exceed the average educational expectations and ability to meet the needs of the greater metropolitan area. Also, pastoral counselors are not medical doctors and may not prescribe medication, but they work closely with the medical community to ensure additional psychiatric care is provided for qualifying patients.

When should a person seek a pastoral counselor?  If you are experiencing issues in your life that you would like to be counseled for, and you have the desire to do so from your core spiritual basis, then pastoral counseling is for you!  pastoral counseling should be sought when spirituality is important in the counseling process for individuals. pastoral counselors will help with stress, anxiety, depression, family and marriage issues, premarital counseling, many other areas of concern.  We also hold group sessions and workshops.  Feel free to call our offices and set an appointment at 484.626.5024.

We can provide an invoice that can be submitted to your insurance. This is no guarantee that it will reimburse. All insurance reimbursements are based on the negotiated contract between the insurance company and the insurance holder. As a courtesy, we provide the invoice upon request for your submission.  Generally, reimbursements are based on the "out of network" portion of your insurance contract, which may differ from that of the "in-network" portion of your negotiated insurance contract. Our office does not accept or process insurance.  If you have further questions as to how we can help you concerning insurance, please call out office at 484.626.5024.