Addressing The Root Cause of Symptomology

Dr. Ulanda Davis is a highly trained Naturopath Doctor and Natural Health Consultant and Specialist, Professional Counselor, Certified Master Coach Trainer, Author, 
Speaker, and Business Consultant. Her combined expertise spans 27 years of service. 


Doctorate in Christian Counseling with an emphasis in Education and Psychology with training in Cognitive-Behavioral Counseling, Dialectal Behavioral Counseling, Solution-Focused Counseling, Emotional Focused Counseling, Gottman Method Marital and Couples Counseling, SYMBIS (Save Your Marriage Before it Starts) Coaching and Counseling, Spiritual Integration, Mindfulness-Based approaches, and many other modalities.

Certified Natural Health Professional, Natural Health (Naturopath Doctorate) and Holistic Health Specialist and Counselor

Certifications in the Profession of Diet and Nutritional Care Counseling, Holistic Health Counseling,

Consulting and Coaching and Pastoral Counseling
Masters in Health Administration
Bachelors in Business Management 
Several other pertinent diplomas and certifications in Health, Counseling, Coaching, and Business Consulting.

At Davis Consulting & Christian Counseling, LLC the mission is to foster 
an environment of wholeness and wellness physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Our approach is personal and unique based on your presenting concerns.

Our services include;

Wellness Evaluations & Assessments

Emotional Wellness withBach Flower Essence Therapy: Gaining emotional balance with no side effects or harmful synthetic materials being presented to the body. You can feel balanced and more positive using a formula developed JUST FOR YOU! Managing your emotion doesn't have to be an ordeal that leads to other health symptoms. Bach Emotional Support is available in our office!

Women's Issues: Reproductive Health, Hormonal Balance, Menstrual Cramps and Discomfort, Organic Therapeutic Sanitary Products with Negative Ion and Infrared technology for symptom relief, Low Sex Drive, Low Energy, Mineral Deficiency and more.

Men's Issues: Low Testosterone, Low Sex Drive, Erection Issues, Low Energy, and more.

Intestinal Support: Gastric and Bowel Problems, Sensitive Bowel Problems
Vitality and Energy Problems
Immune Support

Circulation Problems
Skin Problems; acne problems, discoloration, detoxification; skin improvement programs
Weight Management: Monitored Weight Loss Programs, Diet and Nutrition

Emotional and Behavioral Problems
Pain and Joint Pain Problems 
COVID-19 Immunity support, Heartburn, Colds, Flues, Immunity Building and more!

Supplement Evaluation for appropriate supplement use

General Health & Wellness Support.                                                                                     

Non-Invasive pH testingand Assessment are conducted to gain awareness of the overall state of the body. Education is provided for each client to 
gain an understanding of the specific and unique needs for overall wellness and resolution of presenting problems.  Our aim is to come alongside you in care to support you in experiencing wholeness and wellness. 

improving MARRIAGE & family life, 



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